The 4th China Low-altitude Economy Summit
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March 1, 2014

Dear Affiliates, Friends, and General Aviation Supporters:

IAOPA and AOPA China are excited to invite you to attend the 27th IAOPA World Assembly in Beijing, set for 9 through 13 September, 2014.

AOPA China, the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC), and the city of Beijing are eagerly preparing to welcome IAOPA affiliates and AOPA members from around the globe.

This year’s World Assembly will offer delegates the unique opportunity to explore the challenges facing general aviation, seek solutions, and identify ways to promote general aviation worldwide.  Through resolutions adopted at the World Assembly, delegates will shape the future priorities and efforts of IAOPA on the world stage. 

IAOPA delegates will also have the opportunity to meet with Chinese officials attending the China Low Altitude Summit and share their insights into how China can successfully develop its own general aviation industry.

The IAOPA World Assembly will bea jam-packed culturaland aviation experience. Beijing is not only China’s modern capital, it has been the political and spiritual center of the Middle Kingdom for more than 500 years. Delegates will have the opportunity to enjoy special cultural experiences throughout the Assembly, and we are currently finalizing arrangements that will allow you to add a flight over the Great Wall to the remarks section of your logbook. 

You can register to attend and find trip planning information at .  I look forward to seeing all of you in Beijing this September.


Mark BakerLiwenxin

Mark Baker                                            Li Wenxin,
President, IAOPA                                   President of AOPA-China


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